WARNING: CONTAINS A STUPID QUOTE THAT MAY UPSET SOME PEOPLE. Especially patients with brain tumours/those with friends and relatives with brain tumours. READ WITH CAUTION.

In the hopes of learning more about my situation, I have begun reading the book “100 Questions and Answers about Brain Tumours” by Dr. Virginia Stark-Vance, and Mary Louise Dubay. Having only gotten around 11% into it (thanks Kindle!), I have so far found it incredibly informative. However, some of the things contained within have also made me feel extreme unease.

If I understand the introductions written by the two lead authors, Dr Stark-Vance is a medical professional with experience treating patients with brain tumours, and Mrs Dubay is an ex sufferer of brain tumours, who has experienced much of the devastation that is associated with the illness and its treatment. These distinctions in experience show up remarkably, as, not 3 pages into the book we find this incredibly stupid remark by Dr Stark-Vance:

“…how can anything be more frightening than losing any part of the very organ that makes us human?”

Well… thanks Dr Stark-Vance. I really hadn’t thought of that in explicitly those terms before. But now that I have been confronted with it, it sure is fucking helpful, and it sure is fucking hard to forget. I also love the fact that I am only 22 years old and have aims of being an intellectual/journalist, and have now spent the last couple of hours contemplating parts of my brain being removed. Not to mention becoming less of a human. Thanks.

I find it abysmal that a medical practitioner could do something this utterly stupid while thinking she is helping, and I find it equally ridiculous that Mrs Dubay did not catch this horrible blunder. Having a brain tumour is an incredibly scary proposition, and it is especially scary (as most things are) when you are uneducated about it. In this case, this book is intended for people who either have tumours, or are friends/relations of people with tumours, who wish to educate themselves on the matter. It is a book designed for the uneducated, and this insanely stupid line pops up not three pages in, before anyone has had an opportunity to educate themselves.

Just an addition, I am incredibly sorry if someone else who has a brain tumour has only encountered this quote while reading this blog. I have been conflicted for the last hour over whether or not I should post this, but I believe some criticism should be voiced, and this is my only avenue to do so. I hope that the warnings I have placed have stopped this happening.