So, I had a bit of a meltdown in the car today after being absolutely exasperated and frustrated by the bureaucracy (read: stupidity, intransigence and fecklessness) of my local ANZ bank. I screamed a fair bit, and when I got home I absolutely massacred a cardboard box with my old baseball bat. Hours later, I realise that I have been a considerable douche in the past few weeks. I have been quick to anger, very critical and quite ungrateful. Hopefully I can turn that around from now.

I figure the best way to start would be to thank everyone who has done so much for me in the past few weeks. However, as everyone who knows me is aware, I am not good at expressing what I would call “mushy crap” in person, plus I also have quite a lot of people to thank for getting me from the floor of the University of Hamburg library to my desk in Australia in just over three weeks (most of which I have no way of directly contacting), therefore, it’s probably best I do it here. (Deep breath) here goes:

First off I would like to thank the students and staff who were present and responded so quickly in the University of Hamburg library when what I like to refer to as the “incident” occurred. I may never know your names, but I will never forget your actions in calling the ambulance and the international department, and your honesty in packing up all my possessions and ensuring they followed me to the hospital. Unlike much of my experience with the German health care system, you showed me the honesty and efficiency for which Germans are well known. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very, very much.

My next shout out goes to the ambulance and hospital personnel who dealt with me while I was unconscious, as well as those lovely nurses and doctors who looked after me for five days. I weigh a ton, and I woke up with quite a few sensors and tubes attached to my body, so, undoubtedly you worked very hard to ensure I was alright. I also at some point had a CT scan, which I can hardly remember, I somehow wound up on the fourth floor of the hospital, and I had numerous EEG’s and MRI scans. As with the people in the library, I may never know the names of the people who helped me while I was unconscious, and, thanks to a truly horrific memory, I have lost all but the faces of the people who helped me after I woke. But this does not diminish my appreciation. Who knows what may have happened to me without your diligence and expertise? I might still be in Hamburg, a ticking time bomb waiting to have another seizure in a less fortunate place (if not worse). Thank you very, very much.

Next I would like to thank all my friends who offered their support and encouragement. Special thanks goes to Rob and Marketa for going out of their way to visit me in the hospital (and bring me much needed supplies). And I will never forget all those who sent me messages and/or kept me occupied on Facebook through those five incredibly long and boring days in the hospital (this is especially aimed at Ginger, Burril, Birt, Jess and Tolly). The distraction, especially, was greatly appreciated. Even if the tumour wasn’t much on my mind, five days straight of just cheese and bread really gets to a person.

Last, but certainly not least, we have my family. In the first forty-eight hours or so we certainly kept my roommate up, as I received calls from at least 4 continents. Christiane and Herbert were freaking awesome, registering as my emergency contacts and keeping my doctors on their toes with constant calls (not to mention putting up with my crap for a week while we waited to fly out). Uncle Ernst and Tante Angelika came through as usual by calling a few times and even finding me a doctor for second opinions. I was even surprised by calls from Stephie (congrats on the baby by the way) and Jonathan, which were both really cool. My thoroughly amazing Grandpa was the first person I rang when I woke up (and he didn’t even yell at me for waking him up) and made it possible not only to come back from Hamburg fairly fast, but also to go there is the first place. All of my Sri Lankan relatives turned out en mass to wish me luck and offer their condolences. Uncle Stefan, Aunty Sharon, Justin and Bella sounded (and looked) especially worried, although they still ate my crab curry. And all of this is before we get to my Mum and Grandma who came to Hamburg just to pick me up (from Australia and Sri Lanka respectively), and who have looked after me ever since. I love all of you deeply, even if I never say it (and I don’t really intend to start, sorry), and I don’t know how I could ever express how much I appreciate what you have done for me. Thanks.

I think that’s it. I am very sure I have forgotten someone, but everyone knows how shocking my memory is, so please attribute it to that. It isn’t a slight. I truly appreciate what everyone has done for me in the past few weeks, even if it wasn’t strictly for me. I don’t know how successful I will be in turning over a new leaf, but here’s to trying. I guess one more thanks is in order, thank you for reading.