I often hear people in America, the United Kingdom and Australia (etc.) decry Foreign Aid, especially in the era of governmental belt tightening. No matter how little (compared with that spent on “conventional militaries etc.) is spent on foreign aid, it is always too much. But we must not forget that this money does incredible work, as this picture attests:


The American, English and Australian governments (among others) are all contributing to an incredible project here in Sri Lanka. The American, English and Australian people are contributing. We have all seen the horrifying stories and pictures of people who have stepped on landlines. And especially in countries like Sri Lanka, the injuries sustained after stepping on a landline can make someone unemployable and unmarriable. Well, after the almost three decades long war, Sri Lanka has a lot of landmines. And it is the foreign aid of these countries that is helping to clear this mess up. This is what foreign aid buys.