With folksy charm and some back home stories, U.S. Representative James E. Clyburn has unwittingly articulated the real problem with Washington today. While Representative Clyburn begins his editorial unassumingly, and proposes addressing the three main problems addressing America’s economy. Representative Clyburn spends the rest of his article expounding his philosophy of what he believes the “supercommittee” should address. Congress’s previous attempts at negotiating through the media have been dismal failures. Furthermore, when parties in a negotiation publicly state their positions beforehand, it becomes increasingly difficult to compromise.

The whole idea of the super committee was to protect congressmen from backlash while they did what was necessary. If the “supercommittee” leaks like a sieve and broadcasts its dealings then they will be no better off than the regular congress. Just less constitutional.

Three keys to compromise
The Washington Post
6 Sep 2011

Since I was named to the 12-member Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (the “supercommittee”) charged with getting our nation’s financial house in order, the reactions I have received from South Carolinians and others have been encouraging and…read more…

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