The most recent GOP Presidential debate has given the media and the public many things to talk about. The punditry have especially enjoyed ruminating over the audience booing a gay serviceman. However I consider Rick Santorum’s response to the serviceman’s question to be a much more worthwhile issue to delve into.

As can be see in the Youtube video posted below, Rick Santorum had an interesting response to whether or not he would reinstate the policy of “Don’t ask, don’t tell” (DADT). Santorum thinks that the military is not a place for “social experimentation”, or an arena in which sexuality should be discussed. Therefore he would reintroduce DADT in order to once again remove sexuality from this seemingly  “innocent” volunteer force. However, as was mentioned by Raimond Gaita, sexuality is an intrinsic part of the human experience and our identities. It is ridiculous to think that sexuality can be completely removed from the day to day experiences of working people. In fact, considering that heterosexual servicemen were allowed to live with their families on base, and have pictures of their families in their wallets and on their person, and openly talk about their families (while homosexual servicemen had to be secretive about their family), how can it be said that they were not bringing their sexuality and sexual identities to the work place? To fully remove sexuality from the military, Rick Santorum must not only disallow homosexual servicemen from talking about their families and sexual proclivities, he must ban the heterosexual ones from doing so as well.

P.s: How is allowing Homosexual servicemen to be open about their sexuality a “special privilege” which heterosexuals do not also share?


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