Well, it seems like the first victim to my newly discovered tumour is my power of concentration. Normally I am someone with mule like stamina when it comes to concentration, it may take me a fair while to do anything, but it’s ok because I can concentrate for a fair while. Now it seems, no longer.

My powers have deserted me. I am not sure whether it is the shock of the diagnosis or the medication that I have been prescribed (500MG Keppra twice daily), but my ability to concentrate for any period of time at all has fallen to almost comical levels. I can concentrate for around 20 minutes, long enough to make a dent in a blog post or have an argument with my mother, but these brief periods of sanity are often dispersed with long periods of restlessness. Long periods where I am left to pace my room, my thoughts meandering with no rhyme or reason.

Even watching movies or reading novels has become somewhat of a chore. I spent the vast majority of yesterday attempting to finish the movie “Inception” and the novel “Reflex” (review forthcoming). Normally these activities are fun, things I look forward to. Inception is one of my favourite ever movies, and Reflex is not exactly a bad book. But now I just want them to finally get over with so that I can finally get on with something else.