I have recently completed the book “Dead Aid” by Dambissa Moyo, where Moyo argues that aid is a major culprit in Africa's economic despondency (full book report forthcoming), and am currently reading The Economist's special report on an “emerging Africa”. Moyo is worried about aid, The Economist is worried about commodities and commodity dependence, but both hold up entrepreneurship, self reliance, and technological advancement as key's to Africa's future.

Through my work with Empower I have been exposed to the incredible returns that can be reaped from something as simple as solar lights. In Zatuba Village where we work, Solar lights allow children to study after dark, makes it possible for businesses to keep operating at night, and saves incredible amounts of money and time. This video by Deutsche Welle is inspiring because it encompasses all these ideas. It is Africans selling the lights as a business, and it is Africans enjoying the benefits of this incredible technology.