• Here in Australia we often hear about the damage that carbon pricing has done to our economy during it's short life, and the damage it will continue to do in the future. The Guardian is highlighting a recent study of British Columbia, whose 5 year experiment with a carbon tax has resulted in 19% less consumption of taxed fuels than the rest of Canaada, a 10% reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions between 2008 and 2011, and a reduction in GDP only similar to that experienced by the rest of Canada (the five year period coincided with the GFC) rather than any doomsday like event. Furthermore, public support for the carbon tax has actually risen in that period.
  • While there are many initiatives that seek to overcome the “gender norms” that hold Women back around the world (and rightly so), Sarah Hawkes at Project Syndicate points out that the “masculine” gender norms are also harmful. According to Hawkes “It is time to exchange the gender norms that are undermining men’s health for a social, cultural, and commercial emphasis on healthier lifestyles for everyone”.
  • It seems that not all McDonald's are equal. The Smithsonian's Design Decoded blog has the story (and pictures) of the McDonald's stores that were designed by famous architects. Personally, I like the Buena Vista by Venturi Scott Brown associates.
  • Apparently private companies can now legally fly drones in US airspace.
  • According to Ryan T. Howell at Psychology Today, buying “life experiences” (like concert tickets) makes people happier than buying material items. Furthermore, extroverts were more likely to buy life experiences than introverts.
  • Last Weekend was WordCamp San Francisco, a conference centred around the WordPress Content Management system (this blog is built on WordPress). WordPress is fast becoming one of the biggest CMS's in the world, with close to 70 million sites using it, including large corporations like CNN. Elegant Themes have made this beautiful graphic to share some of the other stats that came out of this year's conference:

WordPress Infographic For 2013

View the full 2013 WordPress Infographic designed by ElegantThemes.com.