Both Liberal and Conservative Pundits, as well as the GOP base, continue to blast Mitt Romney for his overwhelming flip flops. When reading or watching the news, it is almost impossible to not come across the (somewhat truthful) accusations and jeering that Romney appears to be on “both sides of every issue”. However, while I understand the base urge for a leader that is honest and strong in their convictions, I fail to understand how a leader that will bend to the will of the public could be so fundamentally undesirable. Especially in recent times, citizens in democratic countries around the world have had a taste of ideologically extreme leaders. Is not a leader who seemingly puts public opinion before his own beliefs exactly what we need in this era of extreme partisanship? Is this not the point of democracy?

I for one am not much of a fan of democracy. In a world where money rules in almost every issue, and there are are whole industries built around changing the perceptions and opinions of the public, I give very little credit to the mob. However, if we must continue this farce, why not follow through? A democratically elected strongman that promises the world and plays to the will of the people once in an election cycle is surely not the system that our founders had in mind. A real democratic system is one in which the politicians follow the will of the people on every issue. Rather than the current system where the winner of a popularity contest, based upon a very narrow debate on the issues, comes to power and does whatever they want with little regard for the public (explained away because they are following their “values”). We must stop electing people because we like their hair and values, and instead vote someone in who has no spine and will instead follow the people.

Taking this into consideration I believe Romney is America’s best bet. He is the only current candidate on either side of the Presidential ticket who seemingly values the position over the power, and therefore is the easiest for the public to keep in check. For proof one must only look at his record as Governor of Massachusetts, where while Governor of one of the most liberal states in the U.S., Romney even managed to quell the rising anti abortion tide in order to fit in with the voters. Romney is the very essence of what we need from a democratic elected politician: no spine and no values.