I am a Qantas shareholder. To put that another way; I am old beyond my years (worry lines), balding (tearing my hair out), greying (from stress), have not slept in 4 years (haunted by all those whose jobs were callously shipped overseas), and am very, very, poor. To whit, it alarms me that there is a possibility that the CEO Alan Joyce could get a bonus.


Alan Joyce became CEO sometime in November 2008, at that point the Qantas share price was hovering around the mid $2AUD. Since then the company has gone from bad to worse, and the share price has matched it. The share price has been hovering around the $1.30 mark for at least six months.My maths isn’t that great, but I am quite sure that is significantly below $2.31. Now, of course this is not all Alan Joyce’s fault, but why should we be rewarding him for this? Where does the buck stop? What the hell is a bonus for, if not to reward good work? Can this be called good work? Furthermore, Qantas has not paid out a divided since March 2009. Reward us first.